Love fish zomato does not guarantee prices or the availability of menu items at Love Fish. Love Fish menu in image format shown on this website has been digitised by Customers are free to download and save these images, but not use these digital files (watermarked by the Zomato logo) for any commercial purpose, without prior written ... The bar lives by the same philosophy, with a focus on locally sourced, environmentally-conscious wines and seasonal produce-driven cocktails. Our house wines are produced by Castagna in northeast Victoria, one of Australia’s premier bio-dynamic winemakers. Love.Fish is a restaurant along the Barangaroo waterfront specialising in fish (surprise!). Wanting a light lunch I ordered the sardines on bruschetta. To be honest, I could've replicated the dish by opening a tin of sardines in tomato sauce and laying it on some toast. I love the whole buffet they serve. Some of my favourites are paniyaram, prawns fry, appam with vegetable stew/Alleppey fish curry, elaneer payasam and ada pradhaman. Best dining experience- An unforgettable dinner at a legendary place in namma ooru, Blue Ginger – The Taj West End. Restaurant Review: Love Fish, Morningside If you want a unique take on seafood, go to Love Fish – their menu is filled with interesting asian and mediterranean flavours! We were wined and dined courtesy of the lovely owners of this special little seafood restaurant located at the Morningside Shopping Centre and were treated to a selection of ... Taste nicely cooked fried prawns, flounder and chicken tenders.At this place guests can delve deep into delicious dishes, and degust good gâteau.This restaurant has great tea among its drinks.. Love's Fish Box is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. A lot of reviewers think that the dishes are offered for attractive prices. In case the rain took you by surprise during the promenade around Scottish Provident Institution, stop by this restaurant.Search through the British and French menu. You can always degust tasty smoked salmon, fish & chips and oysters at Deanes Love Fish.Do not go away without enjoying good ice cream, sticky toffee pudding and gâteau.Drink delicious Sauvignon blanc, champagne or gin, it's a ... The brand had already forged a reputation as ‘the fish bar with a green heart’ for serving fresh, and sustainable seafood to hordes of adoring locals at the original restaurant in Rozelle. on The Streets of Barangaroo, which opened in 2016, offers the very same ‘green heart’ philosophy, with a wider ... — Zomato (@ZomatoIN) August 15, 2020. People answered to Zomato’s call and that too in the best way possible. From momo to jowar roti, biryani to jalebi, people shared images of delicious food ... Dip with fish sauce. This is a famous dish from south region of Vietnam. Again, best to consume by wrapping the crispy pancake in a piece of rice paper with some herb e.g. mint leaves 🍃 / vegetables 🌱🌿a roll 🌯, then dip in chilies 🌶 fish sauce to consume 😋 Dessert time! Vietnamese “Bubur Cha Cha” Not very sweet! Thumbs up

𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐂 𝐙𝐎𝐌𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐔𝐌 S01E01 (Pilot) - “The Yahoos”

2020.09.14 20:43 hyperobscura 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐂 𝐙𝐎𝐌𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐔𝐌 S01E01 (Pilot) - “The Yahoos”

“Did you see all the rotters back there?”
“You mean the stinkers? We call them stinkers where I’m from.”
“That’s weird, back east we call them the tainted.”
“Just say zombies, alright? We all know what a zombie is, and they are obviously fucking zombies.”
I was a loner. A lone wolf. Once I was the smartest man in the world, until I realised I wasn’t the only man in the world. But these yahoos seemed even dafter than me.
“Who you?” I asked, pointing at the boisterous one among them. “You look like a Travis.”
“Close, I’m Grant,” Travis answered. “That’s Travis,” he said, pointing at Grant.
“I’ll call you Travis,” I said, pointing at Grant, “and you Grant.”
They shrugged and nodded. “Sounds fair,” Grant said.
“I’m Hannah,” a wild-haired woman stepped forward. “But you can call me…”
“I’ll call you Hannah then,” I said. “What about that guy back there in the dark?”
“You mean Man?” Hannah said. “We just call him Man, since he doesn’t talk, but is definitely a man.”
“That’s fucking stupid, isn’t it?” I countered. “I’ll call him Man-Dark.”
“And you?” another woman inquired from the back. “Who are you?”
“I’m the one who saved your ass,” I replied, waving a zombie head around. “But you can call me...the Norwegian.”
“I’m not calling you that,” the woman said. “I’m gonna call you Tor, since that’s the only norwegian name I know.”
“How about the Wolf?” I mumbled. “I’m like a lone wolf you see, all lonesome and brooding and…”
“Tor sounds good,” Travis agreed. “Just three letters. Even I can remember that.”
“Hi Tor,” the woman said, stepping forward. “I’m Kat.”
“Like the animal?” I asked intelligently.
“No, with a K,” she said.
“That’s what I said,” I said.
“You didn’t say anything!” Kat countered.
“Alright,” I nodded in defeat. “Glad we got that sorted.”
“That’s the German,” Kat said, pointing at an imposing looking character towering at the back.
“Why does he get a cool name based on his assumed nationality, and not me?!” I complained.
“Fewer syllables,” Hannah reasoned. “And this here,” she poked a third woman in the ribs, “is Laura. But we just call her Eileen Dover.”
“But...” I started. “Why?”
“Take it or leave it!” Eileen Dover snarled aggressively.
“Fine,” I sighed. “That’s all the characters, right? We’ve introduced everyone now?”
Everyone nodded, except Max and Connor, because we hadn’t met them yet.
Cue the intro voiceover.
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐂𝐑𝐘𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐂 𝐙𝐎𝐌𝐁𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐔𝐌 S01E01 (Pilot) - “The Yahoos”
Theme Song: Pain - Zombie Slam
The world was in disarray. Chaos. Mayhem. All the cool negatively charged words. No one expected a zombie outbreak, even though there were like a zombillion TV-shows warning us about it, and we’d all secretly hoped for one for years. I’d seen Zombieland, so I was prepared though. Couldn’t for the life of me remember any of the rules, but I survived on a healthy combination of dumb luck and snazzy one liners.
I’d wandered the barren desolate wastelands of America for years, ever since I’d somehow managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a raft haphazardly fashioned from discarded christmas trees. I could’ve just stolen a boat I guess, but that’s not my style. I trust my instincts, and my instincts clearly wanted christmas trees.
For the longest time I thought I was the only human left in existence. I don’t exactly know why I held that belief, since I’d bump into people every other week, but it’s just one of those things I guess. There were no governments anymore. No police. No military. No laws, except the oldest law; don’t eat raw chicken.
I stumbled upon the Yahoos when I was staking out a suspiciously unlooted supermarket. I’d been around the block a few times (because I was bored, and fancied a stroll), so I knew there was something fishy going on. The Yahoos on the other hand just came out of nowhere, barging right in there without so much as a second thought.
Then all hell broke loose.
Turns out some pranksters decided it’d be hilarious to round up all the zombies in the tri-state area, and stuff them into the supermarket like undead fish in a barrel. And it was. Funny I mean. But I also felt a spark of something vaguely resembling compassion deep inside me, so I couldn’t just leave them there to suffer the flesh-hungry dead.
So I did my cool loner wolf thing, and swooped in there, decapitated a dozen zombies with my trusty axe like it wasn’t no thang, grabbed whoever I could, and got them the hell out of there. I don’t think they lost that many people. Some guy named Pat, and a fellow they ominously referred to as The Saxon.
And now I was officially a part of the Yahoos. I’m not sure they took kindly to the name I’ve given them, but I never told them either, so there’s that.
“So what now?” Kat asked. “This was our Hail Mary, Tor. We’re running out of food.”
I’d hitched a ride with Kat, Grant and Man-Dark, and I’d already been spoonfed the group's entire backstory, from the very beginning of the outbreak to present day, since Kat wouldn’t seem to shut up. It wasn’t anything revolutionary though. Standard ragtag gang of randoms. Friendship, loyalty, drama, tragedy, betrayal, the odd execution.
“I know a place,” I said. “But it’s dangerous. I’ve been sniffing around it for a while, but being a lone wolf, I haven’t yet found a sound strategy. But now…”
Man-Dark stared at me menacingly. I swallowed involuntarily.
“Don’t mind Man,” Grant said. “He’s a nice chap. Just a bit silent is all.”
“But now?” Kat asked. “Now you do have a plan?”
Now I have cannon fodder, I thought. “Yes,” I answered.
Kat was what we in Norway would call “a nice person”, and possibly not as daft as I’d previously assumed. Grant was a cheery bloke, always the supportive character, and Man-Dark...well, Man-Dark was still an unspoken mystery. They were growing on me is what I’m getting at, so I was starting to have second thoughts about sticking a knife in their back and twisting it.
“Lone wolf,” I muttered.
“What’s that?” Kat said.
“I love wolves,” I mumbled weirdly. “Majestic cats.”
I wasn’t much of a people person, even before people turned into shambling, flesh-eating monsters. Now though? I somehow doubted my rough, no-nonsense persona would be a good fit for such a tight-knit community. When would they figure out my incredibly dark secret? Season two, episode four? Could I last that long?
“It’s just up there,” I pointed to an exit up the road. “Leads to an old cheese factory.”
Kat gave me a look. “Cheese?” she said mockingly. “Like black truffle gruyere?”
I shrugged. “Whatever floats your boat lady. I’m just saying; cheese is widely known for lasting an eternity. After a nuclear fallout all that’ll be left are cockroaches and cheese. Mark my words.”
“This isn’t a nuclear fallout though,” Grant joined in supportingly.
“Zometo, Zomato,” I grinned. “Point is, there’s a ton of food in that factory. Enough to last me, uh, I mean us, years.”
“And what’s the catch?” Kat asked. “Why haven’t you cleared it out already?”
“Zombies,” I said. “I would have thought that part was pretty obvious.”
Kat nodded. “Cheese Zombies,” she mumbled. “What a day and age to be alive.”
“They’re not actually made out of chee-”
“STOP!” Grant yelled.
Kat, who was driving, I’ve yet to mention this part, but I’m doing it now, hit the brakes immediately, and the car came to a full stop inches before flattening the wild-eyed man standing in the middle of the road.
“What the fuck?!” I yelled, exiting the vehicle, ready for a good old fist fight with my axe.
“TURN AROUND!” the man shrieked hysterically. “THEY’RE COMING!”
“Who’s…” I staggered back in shock before finishing the sentence.
“Get in the car!” Kat yelled. “Now!”
The horde was massive. Hundreds of them, lumbering toward us from all sides. Covered in cheese. The Dairy of the Dead, as I’d previously dubbed them. They were loose. But how? And why? And who? And what? And where?
“Don’t just stand there!” Kat screamed at me. “Get in the fucking car!”
“Right,” I mumbled, climbing back into the vehicle clumsily. The wild-eyed man followed, ending up in Man-Dark’s lap in the backseat.
“SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT,” the man shouted in my face. “I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT.”
“Stop fucking yelling,” I winced. “We can hear you perfectly fine.”
“CAN’T HELP IT,” the man kept yelling. “IT’S A MEDICAL CONDITION.”
“Well, shut the fuck up then,” I said.
“I’M MAX,” he yelled, not shutting the fuck up. “BUT YOU CAN CALL ME THE CHEESEMONGER.”
“I absolutely will not, uh, Max,” I hiccuped as Kat started reversing the vehicle, backing over half a dozen zombies in the process.
“Bumpy ride,” she noted helpfully. “Hang tight.”
“Travis,” Grant said cheerfully, grabbing Max’s hand and shaking it vigorously. “But you can call me Grant.”
“That’s Man-Dark, this is Kat, you can call me the Norwegian,” I said.
“Call him Tor,” Kat suggested. “We all call him Tor.”
“Fine,” I sighed. “Tor. Nice to meet you, please sit back and shut the fuck up.”
Your cheese?” I asked. “What makes it yours?”
“I OWN THE FACTORY,” Max replied, struggling to get off Man-Dark’s lap.
“Well, yeah, I guess technically that makes it yours, but…” I started.
“Guys,” Kat interrupted. “We have a problem.”
I looked at her, and then I looked out the window. We weren’t moving. And there were a lot of zombies.
“We’re not moving,” I mumbled. “And there’s a lot of zombies.”
“They’re obviously fucking zombies Max!”
Kat had run over one zombie too many, causing the back of the vehicle to be suspended uselessly mid-air. All around us the cheese-covered dead gathered, discordant moans and raspy wheezing signalling our imminent demise.
I gripped my axe tightly. If this was it, I was gonna go out swinging. Maybe I’d slice through Max’s achilles, toss him out there, and run the other way? Or lead us into battle, then do a full 180 when the rest weren’t looking?
Before I had the chance to backstab anyone though, a car screeched up the road behind us, slid to a sideways stop, and like heroic clowns the rest of the Yahoos stepped out of the vehicle one by one.
Hannah. Travis. The German. Eileen Dover. Some other guy dressed as a priest.
“Get down!” Hannah yelled as she pulled out a badass semi-automatic rifle.
Moments later the air was permeated by bullets, blood, brains and body parts. I closed my eyes, covered my ears, and said a brief prayer to the old gods. Hey, don’t judge; they’d kept me alive thus far.
“Hey Odin,” I whispered. “You got my back yeah?”
I don’t know how long they were at it, but when Hannah opened the passenger door, I couldn’t see anything but smoke.
“You guys alright?” she asked. “We better get moving. There are more coming.”
I rolled out of the car, and into a foul pool of body parts, guts, and brownish liquid. Man-Dark grabbed me by the neck, and hoisted me back up to my feet.
“Thanks,” I mumbled.
Hannah, Travis, The German, Eileen Dover and the other guy dressed as a priest helped Max and Grant get out of the bullet-riddled car, while Kat and Man-Dark loaded the other vehicle with what little remained of their supplies.
“Who you?” I asked, pointing at the other guy dressed as a priest.
“Oh,” Travis said. “We picked him up down the road. That’s why we lost you guys.”
The other guy dressed as a priest nodded and smiled at me.
“This is Father Connor,” Travis said. “But he told us to just call him the Vatican Archivist.”
“Fuck off,” I spat. “And what’s your deal, Father? Why should we trust you?”
“Hey, who made you the leader of the group?” Travis asked sourly, wrinkling his brow. “We only met you like five paragraphs ago.”
“I did,” I said. “Just now.”
“Oh,” Travis took a step back. “Go on then.”
The Vatican Archivist grabbed my hand firmly, and shook it gently. “I have spent years trying to get back to America,” he said. “I have some information that is of utmost importance to the human race.”
“To the human race, huh? That’s all?” I looked him over suspiciously. “What information?”
“I know where the zombie virus originated from,” he said somberly. “But more importantly…”
“I know how to cure it.”
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2018.07.06 03:12 Secretss Anyone familiar with Hong Kong and/or Peranakan/Nyonya cuisine restaurants in Sydney?

I’ve a few dishes on my list that I’m finding difficult to discover where to get :( Google and Zomato aren’t helping. This post may be a shot in the dark but here’s hoping someone knows something!
I’m willing to travel within the boundary formed by Chatswood, Bondi, Matraville, and Marrickville for these dishes:
奶油虾 - Butter(milk?) prawns Photo 麦片虾 - Cereal prawns Photo 芙蓉蛋 - Egg foo young (not the kind with sauce) Photo 虾酱鸡 - Prawn paste chicken wings Photo 纸包鸡 - Paper wrapped chicken Photo (wrapped), Photo (unwrapped) 紫菜鸡 - Seaweed chicken Photo Otak-otak - Not sure how to translate this. I think it’s Malaysian. Photo
If I got my cuisines wrong, please feel free to correct me! These are dishes I’ve had in Singapore and I’m told the types of Chinese cuisines there are largely Cantonese and Nyonya. I know of Spice Alley in Ultimo/Central that may have these cuisines but I’m looking for these dishes specifically.
If you have any advice for what these dishes are typically titled in English here in Australia, please let me know so I may better identify them when I see them!
Please and thank you.
Thank you all you lovely and helpful people!! I've looked through all the menus I can find and consolidated a list of restaurants (as well as the dishes I'm keeping in mind to try).
Peranakan Place (Auburn) - Menu: Otak-otak, Pie Tie, Prawn Paste Chicken, Chwee Kway, Popiah, SCC
Albee's Kitchen (Kingsford) - Menu: Chinese Sausage Fried Rice, Butter Prawn, Cereal Prawn, Ang Ku Kuey, Century Egg Congee, Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice, Lo Shu Fun
Ho Jiak (Haymarket) - Menu: Pie Tie, Chee Cheong Fun, Foo Yong Egg, Belachan Eggplant
Ipoh Club (Chatswood) - Menu: Cereal Prawns
Nanyang Kopitiam (North Sydney) - Menu: Prawn Paste Chicken
Petaling St (Haymarket) - Menu: Salted Fish Fried Rice
Chef Rasa Sayang (Chatswood) - Menu: Chee Cheong Fun, Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice, Cereal Prawns
Malacca Straits (Ultimo) - Menu: Butter Prawns/Butter Chicken, Cereal Prawns/Cereal Tofu, Otak-otak, Pulut Panggang, Salted Fish Chicken Fried Rice, Raddish Cake, Okra Belachan
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2017.08.21 12:07 trarevol My top 5 food eateries in the Inland Empire

So I've been living here for 7 years and I've gotten a taste of what the Inland Empire has to offer in terms of food. It may not wow you like the Orange, San Diego or Los Angeles counties do but by god does it have some hidden gems. Here are my top 5.
1. Cheesewalla (5 E Citrus Ave, Redlands, CA 92373)
I've first discovered this place in 2016 during my first trip to the Redlands Farmer's Night which was quite possibly the best place to be in 2016. Whenever Farmer's Night came around in Redlands, the town sprang to life and all the bars and resturants became filled; particularly Rok N' Fondue which was packed whenever Thursday came around (happy hour all day if you didn't know).
There were 2 food vendors that I particularly loved, a stand serving Fritos topped with various ingredients; you could make it classic chili cheese or you could make it as spicy as possible. The best part about it was that played rap/hip-hop music and was ran by the best African-Americans I will ever meet, it made it stand out from the other stands that were selling conventional shit like pizza and burritos and it was by far the most memorable food stand that the Redlands Farmers Night ever had.
Then there was Cheesewalla which during it's market night venue had a rotating selection of grilled cheese sandwiches, all of them were very good. The lines were long, the people tipped a lot and everybody who worked at the stand was fucking happy to be there serving people the food. Whenever I came to the Redlands Market Night, Cheesewalla would be my first stop and wondering what they had today made me feel like life was worth living.
The Fritos stand disappeared and Cheesewalla moved into the Orange Street Alley. While I miss what the Fritos stand brought to the Market Night (which has lost it's appeal for me); the fact that I can get Cheesewalla any day of the week makes up for it. They offer up the best comfort food in the Inland Empire and perhaps all of California. They offer a lot more than plain grilled cheese. Buffalo Chicken, Pizza, BBQ Mac, Caprice, Loaded Potato, Jalepeno Popper and the best part about it is that all of them taste amazing and delectable. You can even have them place it on tater tots and trust me, the entire thing tastes as good if not better than the sandwiches themselves.
It's not just their food that makes them good, it's their story. These are people who came overseas from India to follow what they believed to be the american dream, working hard and vigilantly to make their vision into a reality; they designed every bit from the logo to the atmosphere to the way it's presented and to me, it feels like I'm a part of something magical when I eat their food. Average people may think white people own Cheesewalla but these are people who have tirelessly worked day and night in order to not lead a better life but to inspire people with their story as well.
They do a lot for Redlands (as evident by their instagram where they give away sandwiches to the local businesses) and they are a great value if you don't want to shell out big bucks at "The State" or "Darby's" or even "Romano's (Redlands)". When I have the money, I tip them and I feel great knowing that I'm supporting a good business; even if you're not from the Inland Empire, you should travel down to Redlands to taste what they're all about.
2. Pixels Bar & Eatery (3535 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501)
I've discovered this place way back in 2013 when they had a different look and a different menu and I was able to legally drink for the first time in history. Back then they were known for their sandwiches and burgers and burritos and my favorite thing from that menu was a pesto/avocado/garlic sandwich that absolutely melted in your mouth, my favorite side to get was the mac & cheese due to how tasty it was.
They've revamped their looks, opened up a overflow location (Aurea Vista Nightclub) and they've been doing better than ever before catering to two audiences. They recently revamped their menu to have more of a BBQ grill feeling but you still get a lot of what made Pixels food great. The avocado tacos, the mac and cheese and the same devotion to making bar food different.
I was initially against the menu until I tasted the "Meaty Mac" and it has become my favorite dish on the menu. I find it amazing that I can put on pulled pork, pork belly, chicken and something else relating to pork (apologies if I'm blanking out on the name) on their signature mac and it tastes even more filling and better than ever. They really have cooking meat with flavor down to a science.
Their sandwiches are good too, the pesto grilled chicken is artisan while at the same time being filling and substantial, they also make a pretty good pulled pork sandwich which I think is better at feeling like BBQ then all of the BBQ restaurants I've been too. They slather their pulled pork with a jalapeno jelly that compliments the meat and the toppings like cheese and onions makes it feel very authentic; the best part about it is that you can choose between criss-cut fries, biscuits and the most surprising option of all, dried fruits. If they didn't offer those sides and if they slacked off on the food department, it would just be an ordinary bar but the fact that they still manage to edge out bar food by a wide margin through the entrees and sides is proof that Pixels is a good eatery.
I used to get drunk as fuck at Pixels during the half-off moustash mondays. That is, one fateful monday when I had 3 double tequila shots (another positive thing about Pixels is that they knew when to cut me off, these guys aren't just amateurs, they're experts) and got 2 more double tequila shots at another bar and ended up in the hospital with no memory of what happened. (I almost died that day) I've cut down my drinking to small wine tasting and craft beer tasting and no longer feel like drinking is needed to have a good time; but I will always appreciate this place for their food.
3. Crazy Brother Sushi (3699 Hamner Ave, Norco, CA 92860)
One random day in Norco I was exploring the areas that had food, specifically 6th Street and Hamner Ave when I came across Crazy Brother Sushi and decided to enter it. I had passed by that place so many times but I was so used to eating at Zip Fusion in Eastvale that I didn't pay much attention to it... So I talked to staff at the place as a way to pass time and judge the place and wouldn't you know it... the head chef used to be the head chef at Zip Fusion, which was surprising and awesome. The next time I came back, I tried their sushi for the first time in my life and wouldn't you know it; it's the best sushi in the Inland Empire. I don't know if Los Angeles or Orange County or even San Diego can do better sushi but I think this is on par if not better than those other sushi places.
I've tried the Spicy California Roll from their happy hour and it came neatly prepared with the best presentation I have ever seen. Metal chopsticks, a fancy plate and what I think is their signature specialty... the blackened rice that they make from cooking black and white rice together. When I first put the sushi in my mouth, I instantly forgot Zip Fusion even existed and I don't go there anymore...
Everything they make is exceptional. The fried calamari I had was different in that you didn't dip it in tomato sauce; moreso you ate it as is and it really tasted amazing; their appetizers are interesting as well as fancy and for the reasonable price, sensational. The way they made a deep fried Philadelphia roll was unique and having it in my mouth was an amazing experience, it makes you think that they added something to make it taste good when in actuality they used the finest ingredients and had a lot of experience in preparing and making the sushi so that it came out right.
The specialty sushi they make is worth the money (if you can stomach the prices of $10 and up), I've had their Vegas rolls and their Firestone rolls and let me just say that not only did they feel fancy and flashy but they tasted as if they were worth the money. The Vegas roll just filled my taste buds with extravagance while the Firestone roll was quite possibly the finest spicy roll I have ever had in my lifetime.
Don't let the decor with the police badges fool you; these people care for you, are friendly towards you and only care about making the best sushi possible. They are for the community in every extent of the word and they'll even have everybody sing "Happy Birthday" if it's your birthday, that alone makes this place special.
4. Juancho's (2802 Milliken Avenue #B, Ontario, CA 91761)
When you think of Eastvale. You think of a commuter town where a bunch of people travel to work using the 15 Freeway alongside a population that embraces patriotism and American values. That's only if you do surface research of the town through Google; there is actually a somewhat diverse community of people living in Eastvale and I don't know if you heard about this in the news but it's also the place where Kendrick Lamar owns a couple of houses (one of them was for his parents). People living in Eastvale don't have much options for going out except the Eastvale Gateway (which is 95% corporate though does have a movie theater) and some small shopping centers and if you wanted to have a blast in Eastvale, you'd have to wait for the city's annual Picnic in the Park (which happens around July and contains the most up close and personal experience you'll have with fireworks) if you wanted to get a taste of something different.
Though you have eateries like Pacific Fish Grill (small chain), Pho Viet (Vietnamese, local) and Zip Fusion (also local)... you'd be hard press to find something different that isn't Applebee's, Buffalo Wild Wings, On the Border or Johnny Carino's (good food but corporate) unless you ventured down Hamner and reached the 60 Freeway. There on the Ontario side of the street and at the intersection where Hamner becomes Milliken you'll find Juancho's. Sort of a hidden gem that nobody in Eastvale really knows about.
Though it may be in Ontario; it's the only place in Eastvale if you wanted some super authentic, down to earth Mexican food. It's family owned, has a bit of history (dating back to 2007) and as a benefit for all you wine lovers, is situated right next to the world famous San Antonio winery which I'm guessing very few Eastvalians know about; I once had a steak fajita from them and I swear it really felt like I was in Mexico eating the food. Though they may not be as flashy as On the Border, the variety there is massive... you can have the traditional Mexcian food like enchiladas, burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadillas or if you're willing to pay up, you can have fine mexican dining where you get to taste seafood, chicken, pork and steak (carne asada) made the Mexican way; grilled to perfection and loaded with the right amount of spices.
It may not look fancy but then again, you don't come to Juancho's to take pictures, you come for the food. The staff are friendly and happy to be there and though they don't bend over backwards for you, they will do anything to make you feel comfortable. Eastvale residents need to stop going to the Eastvale Gatway as much, take Hamner down to Juancho's and discover what they've been missing.
5. Thai Tuk Tuk (725 W 6th St, Corona, CA 92882)
I was debating between this and another Thai place to put at number five but the whole purpose of this list is not to judge, but to make you realize what the IE has to offer in terms of food experiences. This Thai place has been around for a long time and walking into the place, it really feels as if the experience will be authentic; you're sights will consist of red booths, plants all around, advertisements for Asian beers and of course, the staff which are fully experienced in making Thai food.
Thai people like their food to be sweet, spicy and full of flavor; they especially love their seasoning, sauces and pasta and this food is no exception. There is a lot of stuff to choose from that'll tickle your fancy, if you like super spicy stuff that will make your mouth flame up then they have that, if you like something on the mellow side (like vermicelli noodles with meat and vegetables) then they have that as well and everything tastes real authentic.
The true test for a Thai restaurant is if they can make the infamous "pad thai", a noodle dish with a peanut, fish oil based sauce that's sweet as well as spicy. In a pad thai, it has to make you feel like you're tasting a sauce that's sweet with flavor but has some kick and has some peanuty taste to it. The meat/seafood also has to compliment the pad thai as well (or if you want, you can go meatless) and I find that their pad thai did everything right. The noodles weren't overcooked, the sauce was done right and it really felt like pad thai. It was for the city of Corona (and to an extent, the Inland Empire), the closest to Thai food you would ever get.
There's more authentic Thai food and better pad thai's elsewhere but if you live in the Inland Empire and you crave for some Thai food then this is quite possibly the best place for Thai food in the entire Inland Empire.
Honorary mentions
1. Pho Viet (12257 Limonite Ave #830, Eastvale, CA 91752): It wasn't included in the Top 5 because a restaurant very close to Eastvale was already included. It is the best Vietnamese place in the Inland Empire, many of the dishes I've had were filled with flavor from the charbroiled pork to their more exotic dishes. They do make pad thai though; it's not authentic but it's quite possibly the spiciest pad thai you will ever be able to eat. The owners and staff are nice even if the restaurant looks aren't good and their prices are decent; if you're in the Eastvale area for a movie or even live there then you should consider Pho Viet.
2. Mario's Place (3646 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501): This is the fanciest eatery in all of Riverside that didn't get included for price and uniqueness reasons. While other Italian restaurants in the area are traditional, this is non-traditional in that it's authentic rustic Italian cuisine. The ingredients here and the way it's all presented and prepared are fancy as fuck, everything is made with the intention of you appreciating the look of the food before eating it. (I don't know if taking an instagram pic of it would be wise) Often or not, spices, fruits, meats, vegetables, sauces and pasta/bread are procured from overseas and the finest chefs are used to make the best possible food. I've tasted a pasta dish and by god was it the fanciest food in all of Inland Empire, that wasn't enough to offset the price of my bill though. Mario's Place expects you to dress nice, tip reasonably and act in the best possible manner which is why it's an honorary mention. It's good but it's too classy for this list.
3. The State (22 E State St, Redlands, CA 92373): This is one of two (The Salted Pig in Riverside is the other), maybe three gastropubs in all of the Inland Empire. If you're looking for fancy craft beer you can't get anywhere else with an APV above 9% then this is where'd you go. Their food selection is limited but by god is it good; the burgers are mouthwatering as much as they are delectable and engrossing (they even give you a free salad; you can pay more for fries but why do that when you can be fancy and eat greens?), the mac and cheese has a unique flavor to it that really felt cheesy, the street tacos had something to them and the portebello fries were a unique experience. I wanted to feature the best eatery from one city each on this list so that's why it didn't make the cut but if you're in the mood for some high APV beer then yeah, come to The State.
4. JD Allison's Bar & Grill (291 N 2nd Ave A, Upland, CA 91786): I've only been in there twice but the food there is amazingly prepared and given a certain dignity to them. It may just be one of those joints in Upland but I had a sausage pasta dish and they really went all out to balance the flavor of the olive oil and the sausage; if a joint like this can impress me than just imagine the amount of wonders that lie within it's delicable menu. The sandwiches, the appetizers, the other entrees; I really want to try the fuck out of those nachos next time I'm around. The best part about this place is that it usually has the best local acts from the Inland Empire; the last time I was here, the band played the best renditions of R&B/Disco/Soul hits that I have ever heard and this was contemporary as fuck. I put it in there to give Upland some recognition, if you're ever in the area and want to check out JD Allison's, here's the menu... (
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this list. Leave comments below!
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2017.01.21 12:25 Azarl Tourism Guide for Kerala

I want to visit Kerala!

Perfect! We hope to answer most of your questions regarding Kerala tourism in this thread. Apart from this, a quick search in /kerala should yield answers to most commonly asked questions.

How do I reach Kerala?

  1. You can reach Kerala by rail, road, or air. It is well connected to all parts of India.
  2. Train tickets can be booked directly from the stations or through IRCTC official website.
  3. There are three International airports in Kerala, situated at Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, and Calicut.
  4. List of airports in India
  5. Cheap boat services are available at limited locations. More information: State Water Transport Department

What are some cool tourist spots I should not miss?

List of more tourist spots district-wise

What to wear in Kerala?

Food & alcohol?

Bigger list of Keralite food delicacies

Can you suggest an itinerary?

Will be updated

Places worth shopping? Stuffs worth buying?

It's better to avoid tourist spots for shopping since almost everything will be priced super high. It is recommended you go to regular towns or cities, or malls for shopping. Here are some malls to look out for:
  1. Lulu Mall, Ernakulam
  2. Oberon Mall, Ernakulam
  3. Focus Mall, Kozhikode
  4. R.P Mall, Kollam
  5. Sobha City Mall, Thrissur
  6. Mall of Joy, Kottayam
Here are some items you may want to take back home:
Note: The below items can be bought from retail shops at most tourist locations in Kerala. However, some locations exclusive for shopping them are: Cochin Broadway, Mattancherry Jew Street, Spices Board of India, Palarivattom
  1. Spices (Arguably the best in the world)
  2. Ayurvedic plants/medicines (Homegrown & fresh)
  3. Coconut/Coir handicrafts
  4. Aroma oils
  5. Fresh tea leaves/powder from MunnaVagamon.
  6. Aranmula Kannadi
  7. Jewelry
Note 2: Your country may not allow these items to be imported. Check and confirm the items that are allowed to be imported to your country to avoid confiscation by customs authorities.

How do I travel to different places once I'm in Kerala?

You have three options to travel around Kerala 1. Bus - Public transportation buses are available to almost all locations in Kerala. It's probably the cheapest mode of transportation available. You can book tickets through KSRTC official website. You can view bus timings using Aaanavandi. 2. Taxis - Services like Uber & Ola are available in the main cities like Cochin & Thiruvananthapuram and be used for short distances. Private taxis are available from the airport and can be booked as well. Taxis can also be booked through hotels. 3. Train - Train services are available connecting all the main cities of Kerala. Lower class tickets are very cheap and usually, do not require booking of any kind. Tickets can be booked through IRCTC official website.

Are there any art forms, cultural events or festivals that I might enjoy?

Kathakali - A classical Indian dance form and is associated with storytelling through dance. It is a unique dance form because of the intricate and vivid make-up, unique face masks and costumes worn by dancers. Onam - Traditional Hindu festival celebrated during the months of August or September. Celebrations last for around ten days which includes several activities & games like Pookkalam, Pulikali, Onam Sadya, and Vallam Kali(boat race). Thrissur Pooram - Annual temple festival held in the district of Thrissur during April-May. Very famous for the flag hoisting competition on over 50 assembled elephants, huge & elaborate fireworks, ceremonies, etc.

What's the weather like?

Winter - Usually from November to February. The temperature at hill stations drops as low as 10°C. Stays around 23-28°C in other places.
Summer - Generally from February to May. Summer in Kerala is exhibited by low rainfall, comparatively higher temperature and humid weather. Even during the peak of summer, the temperature usually stays under 40°C.
South West Monsoon - Usually from June till September, this is the main monsoon season in Kerala, witnesses voluminous rainfall. Rainfall continues throughout these months. Temperature stays around 25-35°C.
North East Monsoon - From October till November. These monsoons are also known as Retreating Monsoons and are characterized by heavy rainfall with thunder and lightning. Temperature stays around 25-35°C throughout, with a hot and humid climate.
TL;DR: Kerala experiences an equatorial tropic climate which stays 25-35°C throughout the year.

Tell me more about cool stuffs I can do in Kerala!!!

Do's and Don'ts of Kerala

Any links that might be helpful?

Kerala Tourism Official Website Kerala Travel Guide Kerala Wikipedia Page TripAdvisor IndiaMike   Thanks to all the below users for their contributions to this thread:   kadala-putt FartboySlim wingedpanther priestishere
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2015.12.16 08:25 MelbourneCheapskate R/Melbourne's Ultimate Bar and Restaurant Guide

Melbourne, too often I see questions that go like, “where can I take my date?” or “where can my Uni friends and I get cheap drinks."
So, I decided to put together a fresh list of my recommended go to spots. It’s not mean to be definitive, but instead a great place to start. Hopefully it comes in handy and you discover some new favourites. Let me know in the comments what I may have missed.
__If you're looking to discover hidden bars & restaurants in the CBD, then I strongly recommend joining a Melbourne Hidden Bar Tour. This is truly one of the best ways to explore the city.
And for those looking for a place to get drunk, drugs, chips, an STD from a couch, lost in time, an unexplained coccyx injury but still be able to hot-desk the next morning, then head to Revs.

Table of Contents

1: Bars for Students (And Other Cheapskates)
2: Cheap Restaurants
3: Romantic/Fun Date Spots
4: Awesome Rooftop Bars
5: Crazy Themed Bars
6: Burger Joints Worth Visiting
7: Awesome Cafes
8: Clubs
9: The Best Free Comedy
10: Great Cinemas
11: Further Reading
Pricing Scale
$ = Can have a good feed or drink for pocket money. Most items below $10.
$$ = A little more pricey, but nothing that will break the bank. Most items between $10 and $20.
$$$ = A little more pricey. Think special occasions. Most of the food and drink is above $20.

1. Bars for Students (And Other Cheapskates)

Asian Beer Café $
Where: La Trobe St & Swanston St
If you’re over 30 and really want to feel your age, then pay ABC a visit. Filled with lots of the youngins throwing down cheap and often sugary drinks. Beer and food is also cheap and the view of the state Library is great at night from the balcony. Many start their night here before moving onto the clubs.
Great for: Cheap Pizza - Groups - Jugs - Meeting New People
Website Instagram
The Lounge on Swanston $
Where: 1/243 Swanston Street
A laidback venue with a great balcony overlooking Swanston St. Pretty chill during the day but gets down and dirty on the weekend. They’ve just started $9 lunches every day and also have student specials during the evening. All of that with a consistently good soundtrack. Be warned though, if you’re male and you’re going at night, make sure you don’t dress up; you’ll get turned away if you look too smart.
Good for: Lunch – Jugs – Groups - Weekend Dancefloor
Website Instagram
Highlander Bar $
Where: 11A Highlander Ln, CBD
A little tavern-like bar on the edge of the city. Has a bunch of booths inside and some awesome cobblestone flooring. Usually has a special each day, including burgers, tacos, jugs and margaritas. A nice joint for a catch-up. Unfortunately it’s closed on the weekend.
Good for: Burger Specials – Jugs – Groups – Live Music Thursdays
Website Instagram
Hawthorn Hotel $
Where: 481 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn
Tightass Tuesday night is the big one here where the hotel gets pretty packed with Uni students. Includes $6 drinks and $14 jugs, and a very nice rooftop space to enjoy the sun (if it's out.)
Good for: Jugs - Groups - Meeting New People - Summer Drinks
The Shaw Davey Slum $
Where: 171-175 Elgin Street, Carlton
About a 5 minute walk from Melbourne Uni is the Slum, occupying the building that was once Pugg Mahones. Many complain about it’s colourful over the top Australiana fit-out, but it’s dirt cheap and so it easily makes up for it. Many main meals are $10 and they have $2 pots of house beecider all day. It’s owned by the same company that runs Asian Beer Café so expect similar vibes. It also has a Rooftop and a liquor license for the seating on the footpath.
Good for: Groups – Jugs
Website Instagram
New Guernica $
Where 2/318-322 Little Collins St, CBD
Drinking at New Guernica is no different than drinking in a forest, except there’s flushable toilets. A baclub with multiple rooms and a forest theme. $6 drinks on Thursday and a 2-for-1 special on Friday. By the weekend it gets hot and sweaty when the d’floor starts up. Also situated above Chuckle Park who also offer $5 pizzas at the right time.
Good for: Groups – Dancing – Meeting New People
Website Instagram

2. Cheap Restaurants

Dondon $
Where 198 Little Lonsdale St, CBD (and other locations)
Dondon, the pinnacle of cheap and quick wholesome food. One of the most loved cheap restaurants in Melbourne. They serve a variety of different dons – meat, sauce and rice – most of which are below $7. It’s consistently busy (more so during lunch) but in most cases you’ll get served your meal in a matter of seconds. The chicken curry don is my go to choice. The décor is super basic, but the food kicks ass.
Good for: Lunch – Dinner – Takeaway
Shanghai Village $
Where 112 Little Bourke St, CBD
Shanghai Village a quintessential part of being a young person in Melbourne. It's where great food, great prices, shit service, dodgy looking interiors and drunken college kids yelling happy birthday collide to produce an amazing dining experience
Good for: Lunch – Dinner – Groups - BYO - Takeaway
Café 51 $
Where: 51 Buckhurst St, South Melbourne
This place wins multiple awards: Amazing burgers, amazing prices and also the most inconvenient location. But it is definitely worth the visit. Café 51 is well known among the food blogging community and consistently ranks within top 5s. If you’re unlucky/lucky enough to go there for lunch, be prepared for a wait of up to half an hour. But totally worth it when you can get a killer triple patty for $12. Otherwise, get there around 2 and things will be much quieter. They also do milkshakes, hot dogs and cheesesteaks.
Good for: Breakfast – Lunch – Burgers
Website Instagram
Father's Office $
Where: 249 Little Lonsdale St, CBD
Fitted out like a bar from the 1920’s, Father’s Office has more over the top stereotypical flair than a Baz Lurhman film. It’s fortunate enough to be overlooking the State Library and have some pretty incredible specials. The best is their half price a la carte menu from 11pm – 1am starting Wednesday and going through to Saturday. Get some popcorn chicken for a couple of bucks and a burger and chips for only $8. A great way to end the night. Owned by the same company that runs Asian Beer Cafe and The Shaw Davey Slum.
Good for: Groups – Late Night Dining
Website Instagram
Mr Scruff’s $
Where: 60 Smith St, Collingwood
Mr Scruff’s is killing it. A super cool bar with three separate spaces; a front bar, lounge and courtyard (there’s also a pole dancing studio upstairs but access is limited.) They serve mostly dude food and the best time to visit is on a Wednesday evening, when the entire menu is half price. This means burgers and poutine are $5. Wednesday night does get busy, so prepared for a half hour wait.
Good for: Groups – Cocktails
Website Instagram

3. Romantic/Fun Date Spots

Carosello $$
Where: 22 Margaret St, Moonee Ponds
A cosy Italian joint in Moonee Ponds serving housemade pizza and pasta. The atmosphere here is great, it's a small venue and the staff here are super friendly. My recommendation would be the Pappardelle Ragu. They also have an outside deck that is a beautiful place to eat when's the sun is out.
Good for: Pizza - Cocktails
Website Instagram
Sister Bella $$
Where: 22 Drewery Pl, CBD
Probably my favourite date place in the city. It’s hidden down the end of garbage filled alley so if you can get your date to follow you, the chances of getting hehim back to yours is high. Up the creaky wooden stairs is a tiny bar with foliage covered bare brick walls and old skateboard decks hanging from the ceiling. It feels almost like a pirate ship that’s been shipwrecked in the jungle. The tables are small enough that you can make out if you’re opposite each other (have also made out with a date in the bathrooms) and there’s also connect 4 and Jenga to waste some time away.
Good for: Happy Hour – Boardgames – Looking Like You Know The City Well
Website Instagram
Meat. Fish. Wine $$$
Where: 31 Artemis Ln, CBD
A much more ‘proper’ location for a date. MFW is on the edge of the QV shopping centre and a nice place if you want to take your date out for a wine and a proper meal. They also have some cocktail and oyster specials, so if you’re short on change you can still make it work.
Good for: Happy Hour – Looking Fancy
Website Instagram
The Emerald Peacock $$
Where: 233 Lonsdale St, CBD
A bar with minimal signage just off Lonsdale st. It has two levels; a lounge and a rooftop. It’s a super nice fitout and has some couches to allow things to get a little steamy. The sister venue to the Red Hummingbird.
Good for: Getting Cosy – Summer Drinks – Meeting New People
Website Instagram
Strike Melbourne Central $$
Where: Level 3, Melbourne Central, CBD
It’s almost as if bowling was invented for flirting. During most nights of the week, Strike has some incredible deals. Like buy a drink and get a game free to unlimited use of everything for $15. Make sure you go during one of the specials otherwise it can be very expensive. The Melbourne Central location also has laser tag which when played with just a few people, can be pretty exhilarating.
Good for: Groups – Happy Hour – Pool Table
Website Instagram
Cabinet Bar $$
Where: 11 Rainbow Alley, CBD
Perched above Swanston St with a nifty back alley entrance, Cabinet Bar is a cosy place for getting your romance on. Also good for drinks in the sun if you get a space on their often-busy balcony. Service can be a little hit and miss. They do coffee too.
Good for: Happy Hour - Drinks In The Sun – Looking Like You Know The City
Website Instagram
Goldilocks Rooftop Bar $$
Where: Level 4, 264 Swanston St, CBD
A very nicely hidden rooftop bar on Swanston. Take the elevator inside Noodle Kingdom up to the 4th floor and you’ll find Goldilocks. The first bars is fitted out like a cabin. Take the stairs up another floor and you’ll be on the rooftop with a bar of its own. It’s only small, so on warmer days it can be hard to get a seat, however the view is great and it’s nice and intimate. A little pricey and unfortunately does not have a happy hour.
Good for: Dates – Summer Drinks – Looking Like You Know The City
Website Instagram

4. Awesome Rooftop Bars

Campari House $$
Where: 23-25 Hardware Ln, CBD
A four level restaurant at the end of Hardware Lane. The rooftop is definitely the most popular of the four, with a midweek happy hour including some killer $10 cocktails and also a trivia night. A great place to spend a hot summer day. There’s no elevator, so be prepared to have a few flights of stairs to climb.
Good for: Dates – Summer Drinks - Trivia
Website Instagram
The Carlton Club $$
Where: 193 Bourke Street, CBD
Another bar with a decent climb. The Carlton club is home to The Palms, a rooftop bar with a bunch of palm trees. Nice vibes all around in this open space. One of the best decorated bars in the city, mostly due to the big ass elephant head on the wall.
Good for: Groups – Meeting New People
Website Instagram
Sahara $$
Where: 1/301 Swanston St, CBD
A rooftop bar on Swanston that proposes a taste of Morocoo and also does shisha. This one is lesser known than the other rooftop bars, but just as good. It’s spread over 3 levels and they’ve a nice happy hour as well as a good view of The State Library.
Good for: Dates – Shisha – Summer Drinks
Website Instagram
Easey's $$
Where: 3/48 Easey St, Collingwood
Another restaurant contributing to the massive burger culture of Melbourne. The biggest drawcard of Easey’s is that you can have your lunch in a train carriage on the top of a building. Navigating your way to the top can be a little tricky due to the insane amount of staircases, but it’s worth it. They’ve a few specials including both food and drinks.
Good for: Groups – Burgers – Looking Like You Know The City
Website Instagram
Transport $$
Where: Ground, Federation Square, Flinders St & Swanston St
Transport is a double edged sword. Downstairs is a sports bars with a little sprinkling of seediness, while take the elevator upstairs and you’ve found a really cool cocktail lounge. I recommend heading upstairs to enjoy the beautiful view over the Yarra River and Southbank.
Good for: Cocktails – Live Music
Website Instagram
Rooftop Bar $$
Where: 252 Swanston St, CBD
This is the most symbolic bar of the Melbourne rooftop scene, but also the most overrated. It’s beautiful, however the line at the bar can get a little long and finding a seat can be tricky. It’s a great place for summer drinks, and the loooooooooonnngggggg walk to the top can count as your exercise for the day.
Good for: Summer Drinks – Groups – Meeting New People – Getting a Workout

5. Crazy Themed Bars

The Croft Institute $$
Where: 21 Croft Alley, CBD
You’ll have second thoughts if you decide to visit The Croft. As you leave the main China Town drag and you walk further and further down the rubbish filled alley, you’ll start having fears of getting kidnapped or stabbed by a junkie (or both.) But if you find your way to the end, you’ll find yourself (hopefully) safely at The Croft; part bar, part science lab. Many drinks here are served in syringes and test tubes, and you may need to sink a few, as memories of science class with Mrs Jones come flooding back. Seating is limited and it’s a little pricey, but it’s a great example of how creative Melbourne can get with their booze.
Good for: Looking Like You Know The City
Glamp $$$
Where: 267 Little Collins St, CBD
Sick of sitting in a tent in your backyard and drinking cocktails? Well now you can do it in the city. Glamp is an African inspired cocktail bar with two inside tents at either end. It’s colourful, fun and pretty romantic. Drinks are pricey unless you come during happy hour when you can snag some great cocktails for $10.
Good for: Dates
Website Instagram
29th Apartment $
Where: 29 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
29th Apartment is more eclectic than your local Vinnie’s Op Shop. Fitted out like a New York Apartment, 29th has a bathtub that doubles as a DJ deck and giant Jenga. They have a lot of great specials, including $1 pizza when you purchase a drink during happy hour on Wednesday night.
Good for: Groups, meeting new people, cheap food and drinks.
Website Instagram
Beach Burrito $
Where: 230-232 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
This restaurant has it’s very own skate bowl, which means you can sit back and eat tacos while watching the next Tony Hawk carve it up. It’s a pretty cool warehouse setting inside, with an upstairs loft-like space and lots of neon lights. They also have taco and drinks specials.
Good for: Entertainment
Website Instagram

6. Awesome Burger Joints:

Demazzi $$$
Where: 1142 Mount Alexander Rd, Essendon
It’s been around for 9 years, but only recently has Demazzi made it on the radar for their burgers. Their meat is incredibly tender and they’ve got a decent range including fried chicken and crab. A little out of the way but worth the travel.
Good for: Groups
Website Instagram
8-Bit $$
Where: 8 Droop St, Footscray
This one’s a favourite. 8-bit dominates the Footscray burger market with their video game inspired creations. Many claim it to be ‘the best burg in Melbourne.’ I wouldn’t put it that high, but still a very good feed, and reasonably priced as well. If you come on the weekend, be prepared for a little wait. They now have another city location on Swanston St.
Website Instagram
Dude Food Man $$
Where: 191 Buckley Street, Essendon
Just good solid dude food. Patties are cooked medium rare like they should be, and all the other ingredients are on point. The joint is fitted out like a retro diner and also serves shakes and those delicious mac and cheese patties.
Good for: Groups - Milkshakes
Badboys Burgers $$
Where: 57 Lonsdale St, CBD
A little burger joint in what has to be Melbourne’s weirdest laneway. Burgers are tasty but a little on the small side. I recommend going during their Tuesday special where you can get a burger, chips and a drink for only $10. The interior walls are covered in fictional characters including, Ironman, Goku and Ned from Game of Thrones.
Good for: Lunch – Dinner - Groups
Grand Trailer Park Taverna $$
Where: 87 Bourke Street, CBD
The fit out in this joint is gorgeous. It feels like a very fancy trailer park, and it includes old caravans that have been turned into booths. There are about 7 or so burgers on the menu, including the Frank Underwood that comes with a deep fried Mac and Cheese croquette. There's also alcoholic milkshakes, but while they look delicious they're pretty pricey at around $20.
Good for: Lunch – Dinner - Groups
Hello Sam $$
Where: 760 Chapel St, South Yarra
Down the quieter end of Chapel St, Hello Sam turns out some solid creations. The café itself is small but there’s plenty of seating outside, with umbrellas to stop the shade. They have happy hours during the week as well as a burger special for $10.
Good for: Dinner - Groups – Drinks
Website Instagram
Sparrow Philly Cheesesteaks $
Where: 20 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
Ok, technically not a burger, but cheesesteaks are just as good. Sparrow’s is located at the back of the Catfish and serves up authentic cheesesteaks – essentially a roll filled with meat and topped with cheese. The venue is incredibly intimate with its low lying ceiling and bare brick walls. Go on a Monday night and you can pick up a cheesesteak and chips for $10. There’s plenty of hot sauces available too, careful though, some have a massive kick.
Good for: Dinner – Drinks – Groups – Music
Website Instagram

More Burgers

If you want to discover more of Melbourne’s Burgers, then have a look at Quappz 100 Best Burgers in Melbourne (made by a Redditor.)
Also follow Burgers of Melbourne on Instagram. He takes the best photos of any burger hunter out there.

7. Awesome Cafes

Darling St Espresso $$
Where 146 Athol St, Moonee Ponds
A hidden little gem on the back streets of Moonee Ponds. They use Industry Beans for their coffee and have a pretty awesome menu; including a cinnamon doughnut waffle and a fantastic cheeseburger. Come here to unwind and enjoy the serenity.
Website Instagram
Naughty Boy Cafe $$
Where 499-501 Lygon St, Princes Hill
These guys are riding high on the insane milkshake craze. If you love eating decadent then grab on of their milkshakes, usually topped with fairy floss, brownies and plenty of cream. Careful though, the wait can be a while.
Website Instagram
Auction Rooms $$
Where 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne
An old auction house that is now a trendy North Melbourne cafe. It's a large cafe, with a courtyard out back. One of Melbourne's more popular meeting places.
Website Instagram

8. Clubs

The Emerson $$
Where 143/145 Commercial Rd, South Yarra
The place for fancy pants. A really nice venue with pretty south-of-the-river girls. There’s a lounge, rooftop and club. Drink prices are usually above average unless you visit on their Friday happy Hour. There’s often a line so be prepared to wait. Also, make sure you dress up.
Website Instagram
Seven $
Where 52 Albert Rd, South Melbourne
Much dirtier than the Emerson, Seven caters to the younger crowd with a variety of different rooms. Expect mainstream top 40 tracks. Just like every club, don’t go rocking up with a large group of men; it can make things a little trickier to get in. They have a bunch of drink specials throughout the week.
Website Instagram
Bang $
Where 629 Bourke St, CBD
Another club targeting the younger audience and their love of heavier emotional music. They’ve a bunch of different rooms, and in the past have had a ballpit and a mechanical bull.
The Toff $$
Where 2/252 Swanston St, CBD
In the same building as The Rooftop Bar, Toff offers two spaces; a room full of booths and then a dancefloor. If you can score a booth it’s a great place to get intimate, otherwise you can hang around the bar or hit up the D’floor.
Website Instagram
Perseverance $
Where 196 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Cheap drinks get the Uni students in. Again it’s a much younger crowd. It’s in a great location to visit some nice bars either before or after.

9. The Best Free Comedy

Spleen Bar
Where: 41 Bourke St, CBD
Spleen is a Melbourne Comedy icon. It’s not for those who like their space because you’ll packed in tighter than Kim K’s boobs. But combine this with cheap drinks and A+ comedy talent and you’ve got yourself a great night. They’ll often score acts like Frank Woodley, Sammy J and Adam Hills, but it’s often the up and comers that deliver the best laughs. Make sure you get there at least half an hour before start time to secure a seat.
When: Every Monday @ 8:30pm
Crab Lab
Where: House of Maximon, 1/16-20 Corrs Ln, CBD
Run by Greg Larson (a funny man), Crab Lab is set in one of Melbourne’s coolest bars. Seating is a little weird in this one so it’s best to get in early if you want a good spot. Consistently good talent.
When: Every Wednesday @ 8:30pm
The Wilde
Where: 153 Gertrude St, Fitzroy
A great night of comedy for those in the Fitzroy/ Collingwood area. A circle of fairy lights create the stage in the loft of The Wilde, while 4 couches make the front row. It’s doesn’t draw the big names like Spleen, but the talent here is consistently good. They also have a burger special that runs throughout the night.
When: Every Tuesday @ 8:00pm
Comedy in the Attik
Where: 1/255 Chapel St, Prahran
Leave Chapel St, head up the stairs and you’ll find the Attik; half bar, half rooftop, half club. The vibe isn’t as good as the other comedy nights as the seating is more spread out and the audience tends to avoid the front, however the comics usually pull through. They also run $4 pizza throughout the night.
When: Every Thursday @ 8:00pm

10. Awesome Cinemas

Nova $$
Where: 380 Lygon St, Carlton
One of Melbourne’s best arthouse cinemas, delivering both the big blockbusters and smaller independent films. The best time to go is a MOnday, where if you go before 4pm tickets are only $7 and $9 after that. This is for any 2D film. Screens here are generally on the smaller side, but don’t retract from the viewing experience.
Good for: Indie Films – Cheap Tickets
Website Instagram
Rooftop Cinema $$
Where: 252 Swanston St, CBD
The Rooftop Bar was mentioned earlier and here it is again. During the summer Rooftop screens classic films in their open air theatre. They have a bunch of deckchairs and it’s always good to byo blanket. Tickets will sell fast for popular films.
Good for: Dates – The Atmosphere
Website Instagram
Lido Cinemas $$
Where: 1, 675 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
Recently Lido have opened their own rooftop cinema, and being an actual proper cinema they can show new releases. They have cheap Tuesday tickets for $7 before 4pm and $9 after. They also have a Lido membership that offers $10 tickets for the first 3 months after joining.
Good for: Dates – Cheap Tickets
Website Instagram
I-Max $$$
Where: Rathdowne St, Carlton
The I-Max cinemas have some of the biggest screens in the world. We have on in Melbourne that offers 3D with a laser projector (the future!) Tickets are on the pricier side, but worth it if you really want to see the film. Before the new Star Wars tickets went on sale, people were making enquiries up to 5 months in advance.
Good for: Films That You Really Want To See
Website Instagram
Moonlight Cinema $$
Where: Central Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, South Yarra
Over summer they set up a big ass inflatable movie screen in the Botanical Gardens. Take a picnic blanket, some food and booze and enjoy a flick. They're mostly new releases, and the best part is when the sun begins to set and the bats fly overhead.
Good for: Groups - Dates
Website Instagram

11. Further Reading

Here are some websites to help you discover more places around Melbourne.
A Melbourne publication about the finer things in the city. Features interviews with venues as well as upcoming events.
CHUG Melbourne
Melbourne's bible for food & drink specials at the city's best venues.
What once was Urbanspoon is now Zomato. A directory that lists most of Melbourne’s venues, and allows users to submit their own reviews. Good for seeing what others think.
Awesome walking tours in the CBD. One of the best ways to explore the city.
Time Out Magazine
Great for finding local events that are on. Also provides photos and reviews of venues.
A bar crawl in Melbourne that's launching soon. Enjoy some of the city's best bars and enjoy free drinks!

Disclaimer: I am the Founder over at CHUG. While I have a working relationship with some of the venues in this list, all opinions are entirely my own.
I’m also friends with Burgers of Melbourne and Quappz who were both featured in this write up. They’re doing an amazing job at collating Melbourne’s best burgers and I wholeheartedly stand behind their work.
That's it. Hopefully this list will be useful for some! Let me know what you think.
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2015.11.25 17:27 blueruby808 Please critic my itinerary (former Vancouverite, coming for holidays)

I read the Wiki, searched Google and looked up Yelp. But I just want your opinions please :)
I am a former Vancouverite, now Montrealer, coming back to visit during the holidays. (I left when I was 18, so I don't know much about the nightlife in Vancouver, as well, things have long since changed.) Something different from the super touristy things.
My Restaurant Short List (Are these child friendly?)
Things to do with Children (this little guy is 5)
We will be renting a car. As well, I do plan on going to Richmond too - I love eating at Aberdeen Centre and checking out Daiso and /asianbeauty stuff.. If you have Pescetarian resto suggestions that would be awesome! Thank you!
Edit: Thank you so much for your amazing advice and help! Please keep it coming if you have more. I'm very excited to be visiting (and this time it's dif since I'm bringing the fam to explore too and perhaps doing "more adult things, like going to a bar"). I'm bowled over with your kindness! Hit me up for advice if you are ever in Mtl. :)
Edit #2: I crossed out more stuff & added other suggestions after my fam in Vancouver reviewed it. They mentioned some of the restaurants would not welcome little children so much. :) Thank you again everyone! We will be so busy & broke! ;)
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